Day Retreats


Improve your practice, health and well being.

This Day Retreat is a full day immersion for men to come together and experience the teachings of Yoga. This is an excellent opportunity to Stretch, Meditate, Relax and meet other likeminded people - always a great time! If you have not attended one of our day retreats yet, you will find it is a unique opportunity to become rejuvenated and refreshed. All levels welcome! 


Practice yoga. A good yoga practice keeps the body steady, fluids flowing and vision rising. Good practice keeps bones flushed and organs functioning optimally, and helps us feel “bouncy” from the inside out. There’s s definite sensation of being more in the center of any circumstance, and less extreme in any direction, which has a quieting effect. Thoughtful practice makes us feel younger, and it brings us home as soon as we begin. Home is not a place. Home is a state of consciousness, where in your spirit you feel safe, held, and free 

"The frequency of home is mostly about simple listening, love and respect, and it's a repeated choice. Practice landing and situating yourself in that frequency; your body will thank you." Elena Brower

27th  APRIL  2019, 11am - 6pm (1 hour lunch break)

Enrol for 1 day retreat - £80 ( early bird £60 - expires 31st March )

Enrol for a single workshop - £40


Clapham Common, London, SW9

Hatha Yoga + Pranayama + Meditation

11am - 2pm


Heart centering YOGA!  Slow and deep asana practice allow fascia to release emotions, tension and stagnant energy/prana, enabling space to be created for fresh oxygenated blood, new positive habits, positive emotions and better alignment - for a better, happier and more aligned and positive you!

3pm - 6pm


Our afternoon session will allow you to completely unwind and recalibrate - we will explore how movement, meditation can both enliven and deeply nourish and relax us. The sessions will balance your body and all your systems; it will give you bit of a sweetness and closeness to yourself.

Why bring Meditation into the practice? Meditation is a means of transforming the mind through techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity and emotional positivity. What you see of yourself, what you know of yourself, is simply the tip of a massive “iceberg”. You look around, and all you can see is what shows above the water, so you imagine that’s all there is. Yet, the pattern of whole universe, of all that is, is imprinted on the deepest level of your being.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.
No previous experience of being in the posture is necessary and your current level and experience will be respected.



Come and find a deeper, more nourishing experience of masculinity and connection.
Can't wait to share this weekend with you!

Igniting your LIGHT