Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga 4 Men

All over the world the majority of people in a yoga class are women. But in India, the roots of yoga lie with men. Yoga4men is not a new concept. Kundalini Yoga4men is not a new concept.

"You are men to be men. May you feel the pride of it and be in grace.
You are the men of success. May you accomplish it.
You are the men of self, light, and respect. May you understand it.
You are the men of merits. May your virtues be known.
You are the men of knowledge. May your compassion be known.
You are the men of absolute determination. May your kindness be known.
May you be men whom the world, the Earth, the Universe may be proud of. Sat Nam." – Yogi Bhajan

How to maintain your grace and strength as aspiritual man?

Kundalini yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) is an ancient technology and science that activates health, potential and capacity. It works with powerful and relaxing breathing, visualisation, dynamic asanas (postures) mantras (chants) along with mudras (hand gestures). It is taught in kriyas (a series of postures) that are designed to bring about a transformation and balance through working a particular system of the body (i.e. the nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and immune system). It is often called ‘a yoga of awareness’ as it expands consciousness and emphasises the flow of movement within any given kriya.


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Class #1 THE INVINCIBLE MAN (Wake up and supercharge your magnetic energy to create a life full of positivity and new potential. This class offers a potent way to let go of distraction and connect to your true power. You'll activate your inner strength, open your heart center, and feel a huge shift in your energy to live you’re life fearlessly).

Class #2 SEAT OF POWER  (  One of the most powerful ways to move out of the state of disempowerment into empowerment is to cultivate our own internal power. Yogically, strengthening the abdominal muscles is a great place to begin. When our core is strong, we have the energy to take action and accomplish things. When it is weak, we have difficulty taking action for ourselves. As we work on the navel point we cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and ability to empower ourselves and our lives. )

Class #3 ANGER INTO INSPIRATION ( If we sublimate anger it turns into poison. We can however use this energy for self-healing and rejuvenation. This class works on the navel and channels energy into powerful, loving motivation.)

Class #4  EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BALANCE  (This  practice prepares you to access a state of deep presence and calm, bringing balance to all dimensions of you. Practice it to clear inner conflict, and create the power to cultivate inner stillness and deeply listen. This is an all around balancing practice)

Class #5 TURNING LONELINESS TO ONENESS   (This class recharges you and is an excellent antidote to depression. The exercises and meditation work directly  break up the stuck energy in our bodies and psyches that promote separation and depression. Experience a shift in the biochemistry of the body and brain and cultivate an inner connection to your Light and Soul. This class activates the higher centers of the brain leaving you feeling lifted and lighter)

Class #6   SOFTEN WHAT FEELS UNCHANGEABLE  (Kundalini yoga stimulate circulation, cleanse the body, and boost the immune system. One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system is through vigorous exercise. A vigorous workout can also clear the mind and soften the unchangeable. The more we align our physical and subtle bodies the stronger the inward pull and our ability to walk with grace in the most ungraceful of times. )

Class #7 BUILD YOURSELF TO ACT, NOT REACT (Enjoy this wonderful healing class for the heart, that promotes a heart centred consciousness. Balance the hemispheres of your mind, increase intuition and re-energize your body, allowing a greater capacity to command your own consciousness and thrive in life)

Class #8 COURAGE AND COMMITMENT ( This practice is designed to release fear and cultivate courage and confidence, in your body, mind and soul. Charge the magnetic energy of your body with this strengthening, rejuvenating practice. When you feel strong, resilient, calm and capable, you gain the capacity to turn challenge into opportunity)