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Is Happiness a choice?

5 ways to increase your happiness. “There is place within you that wants to change – there is a place saying I am willing to see it differently. I choose to see joy instead of this. I choose to see love instead of this. I choose to see peace instead of this”  Course in Miracles

Self-observation, Locating Ease, and Broadcasting.  

Unless and until I know myself, I am driven by habits which I do not see and over which I have no control. I am a machine, an automation, a robot moving in circles – constantly repeating myself. I am not aware but unconscious, habitual, mechanical. I imagine I am conscious, awake, aware because my

Yoga, Rebellion, and Being a ‘Man’

by James Rafael An act of rebellion. Not what springs to mind when you think of yoga, right? The polished world of zenned-out studios populated by glowy, lululemon clad yummy-mummies on 3 day juice fasts is probably closer to the mark. We don’t often think of yoga as something radical, something ground-breaking or controversial. It

People often ask: Are yoga and meditation religious practices?

  From Elephant Journal , Jun 7, 2016 By Nico De Napoli Personally, I view and experience both as secular disciplines that promote introspection. Spirituality in itself can be completely detached from religious doctrines or the supernatural, focusing on humanistic qualities such as love, compassion and concern for others. The physical aspect of yoga (asana)

What Makes A Good Yoga Teacher?

  From Elephant Journal , May 24, 2016 By Nico De Napoli Yoga has certainly gained a great deal of popularity over the last decade. And popularity generates demand. As a result, we now live in a world that is almost over populated with yoga teachers! People are often wary of individuals who travel to