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Sadhana – The Ultimate Approach To Change

  Recently I could feel something change inside of me. I grew calmer and less agitated by both the big and little things that came my way – as if things were just meant to be. I let it happen, I felt synchronicity. I felt connected as I simply surrendered to my destiny. Somehow my

What is Yoga?

      The word Yoga comes from the word “yoke” – to join together or to unite. Yoga is the union of the individual’s consciousness with the infinite consciousness. Yoga is a technology of awareness, a personal technical know-how. In Yoga the most important thing is experience. Your experience goes right into your heart.

Is Happiness a choice?

5 ways to increase your happiness. “There is place within you that wants to change – there is a place saying I am willing to see it differently. I choose to see joy instead of this. I choose to see love instead of this. I choose to see peace instead of this”  Course in Miracles

Self-observation, Locating Ease, and Broadcasting.  

Unless and until I know myself, I am driven by habits which I do not see and over which I have no control. I am a machine, an automation, a robot moving in circles – constantly repeating myself. I am not aware but unconscious, habitual, mechanical. I imagine I am conscious, awake, aware because my

Yoga, Rebellion, and Being a ‘Man’

by James Rafael An act of rebellion. Not what springs to mind when you think of yoga, right? The polished world of zenned-out studios populated by glowy, lululemon clad yummy-mummies on 3 day juice fasts is probably closer to the mark. We don’t often think of yoga as something radical, something ground-breaking or controversial. It