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People often ask: Are yoga and meditation religious practices?

  From Elephant Journal , Jun 7, 2016 By Nico De Napoli Personally, I view and experience both as secular disciplines that promote introspection. Spirituality in itself can be completely detached from religious doctrines or the supernatural, focusing on humanistic qualities such as love, compassion and concern for others. The physical aspect of yoga (asana)

What Makes A Good Yoga Teacher?

  From Elephant Journal , May 24, 2016 By Nico De Napoli Yoga has certainly gained a great deal of popularity over the last decade. And popularity generates demand. As a result, we now live in a world that is almost over populated with yoga teachers! People are often wary of individuals who travel to

“Divine Masculine” meditation practice

Do you love to be in the flow of your life? Are you looking for creative ways to be inspired in your practice?  Continuing with our “Divine Masculine series”, our featured class this month is an important one. And it’s not a yoga class – it’s a tantric meditation. Invoke Shiva, the Lord of Yoga,

“The Alchemy of Yoga”

Hi Guys, I’ve recently focused my journey on men’s need to find their inner power and core strength. We live in a turbulent world where our masculinity is often questioned by others and ourselves. Unsettled, we allow chaotic emotions and our ego to gain control of our daily lives. This chaos can only be calmed

Learning How to Breathe

Learning How to Breathe. Yoga gave me my breath back.  As a runner and a gym rat, I decided to become a certified personal trainer in order to reach higher fitness goals.  However, I learned as much from doing yoga, as I did from the personal training certification.  I was always hesitant to try yoga.